Slow Shopping - Welcome to our Concept Store

Slow Shopping - Welcome to our Concept Store

November 14, 2019

It all started with the space. We walked through what is now our new office building for the first time back in December, and we immediately fell head over heels for the high ceilings and big bright windows. We began imagining the space filled out - cozy furniture, beautiful design - a space that invited you in.

We had a dream to build a store that feels like home, a store that eliminates the stress of shopping and creates a space that is so full of atmosphere and conversation and coffee that you never want to leave. Inspired by the ideas of slow fashion, we began to think that slow shopping might be a movement in itself, so we explored that.

At the Store of Hope Concept Room, we have the opportunity to meet with our customers, chat and enjoy all the details from each selected peace in our collection. By creating a better shopping experience, we can trust that our customers are making good purchasing decisions and will treasure and value the new products that they bring home with them.

 The Concept Room is open every Friday from 11-18 at Kyttälänkatu 1, 3rd floor. Come by for a cup of coffee or tea, browse our a selection of items from our web shop, and flip the pages of the latest conscious magazine. See you there!