Fashion Revolution - 5 Steps to an Ethical Closet

Fashion Revolution - 5 Steps to an Ethical Closet

November 14, 2019

As fair fashion makes a slow, heroic rise to the spotlight more and more people are asking 2 questions: “What is ethical fashion?” and “How can I create an ethical closet?”




What is ‘ethical fashion’?


Ethical, fair, or sustainable fashion are somewhat interchangeable terms in the industry, but all point in the same direction - clothing or accessories produced by a moral code. It’s about caring. About approaching fashion in it’s various stages with an unwavering commitment to treat people, communities, and the environment with the respect they deserve.


“If you describe something as ethical, you mean that it is morally right or morally acceptable.” Collins English Dictionary



At Store of Hope, our mission is to provide uncompromising design and aesthetic in pursuit of ethical business. We’re passionate about providing fair and sustainable employment around the globe, and giving YOU the opportunity to make a difference through the products you purchase.


But, let’s be honest - ethical fashion often comes with a pretty high price tag. The time, processes, working conditions, and manual labour required to produce clothing at such a level costs a lot more than that 5€ sale rack t-shirt. Which leaves many asking question #2.


“How can I create an ethical closet?”


Your heart is in it - you understand the need for more ethical consumers in the fashion industry and you want to get started, but there’s no way you can afford to replace all of the items in your closet with fair trade alternatives. So don’t. In fact the most ethical and responsible thing you can do is to keep wearing everything you already own for as long as you possibly can. Then, follow these 5 simple steps to make the switch to sustainable consumerism.



1 - Love what you’ve got.


The very best place for you to start is with the items you already own. Extend the lifespan of your clothing by wearing them more between washes, fixing small holes as they appear, and trying new outfit combinations so you don’t get bored with your wardrobe and shop unnecessarily.


2 - Do your homework.


Even if you don’t yet need to add any items to your closet, researching ethical brands that you love is a great way to ensure that when you do need something new, you know exactly where to look. It will also give you an idea of the price range of specific items, so if you need to do a little saving you have time to do so.



3 - Shop smarter.


Take a moment to think through items before purchasing them. Do you already own items that will work well with your new purchase? Is the material something that you feel you can and will maintain? Is your new purchase in line with your general style or are you buying after a trend that you aren’t likely to stick with? Asking more questions about the clothing we purchase is the key to sustainable fashion.


4 - Be thrifty.


Didn’t we learn anything from Macklemore in 2012? Buying second hand clothing is cool! Not only can you find unique pieces, but by buying used you’re slowing down the production of the clothing industry, which is a major win for the environment. Not only that, but all that money you’re saving offsets the cost of buying higher priced, ethically produced goods.



5 - Support ethical brands.


When you are ready to purchase a new item, supporting ethical brands means that you are helping to provide fair employment around the globe and reduce the impact that your closet has on the environment. There are so many AMAZING ethical clothing brands around now that you are sure to find something you love. Our mission at is to build a collection of these inspiring clothing companies to make ethical shopping that much easier for you. Check out our collection of clothing, accessories, and home goods to see just how beautiful ethical can be.