Conscious Capsule

Conscious Capsule

November 14, 2019

Have you ever thought about your consumption habits while shopping for clothing? I’ve noticed that more money I invest in a piece of clothing, the more carefully I treat it after it’s part of my wardrobe. For example the clothes that I’ve paid for because of the sustainable production, quality brand and ethical values, there is no doubt that I will try to fix those by my own hands or by a service if something gets broken.

Could it be that it’s been made too easy for us to find clothes? Something you have been dreamed of having can be found by couple of clicks instead of searching and waiting for a collection to come out from your favourite brand. You can just go and buy what you want immediately without any patience. Is there a risk to get fed up with it as fast as it was bought? If that claim is true, it must be one of our #firstworldproblems.

One good example of this claim is that our wardrobes are making us crazy by its limitless amounts of clothing. We need an actual consultant who is specialized in minimalist thinking. Getting the impression that you really have enough of everything for maintaining a standard of living is something that we desperately need help with nowadays. One of the greatest examples of this kind of new concept is KonMari.


To prepare your own “Conscious Capsule” as we want to name it in Store of Hope, is actually more of a psychological thing to establish than practical one if you’d ask me. Putting it into practice, choosing the ecological, ethical and up-cycling brands, is already the next step. At the beginning we must set ourselves free from fast fashion and emotional shopping.

Here we want to guide you shortly in how to find your Conscious Capsule:

Find the colours you are comfortable with. One good tip is to have few “powerful” colours and mix them with neutral or clear colours that frames the outfit, for instance: black, grey, navy blue, brown or simple clear white. Wear maximum 3 colours in the same outfit. Then you can start counting:

  1. How many colourful peaces of clothing I need if one outfit has 3 colours?

After that analyze your need from clothing in your everyday life. Does it need to be more formal or practical point of a view? The next rule would be have 7 pieces per outfit which means for instance:

shoes + pants + belt + shirt + jacket + watch + hat/scarf = 7.

  1. How many basics* are needed if 3 colors is the maximum and we need 7 pieces of clothing per each outfit?

2 of 3 colors should be left for basics so roughly 67 % of the clothes should be left only for basics.

* Basics are the backbone of the outfit covering the whole torso: pants and blouse. Depending of the weather conditions there can be layers. Building the capsule I recommend that most of these “basics” should contain neutral or clear colours.

If you need more formal clothing in your everyday life, try to build one outfit for each day when you need to be formal. If it’s only working days (5), it would be  roughly 35 pieces of clothing (5*7=35). Then let’s add the special occasions like fain dinners and celebrations + 5 pieces (e.g. one dress, one skirt and top with it and one suit). There you got 40. Finally count sporty clothes + 10, underwear 5 (except for underpants) and then 5 pairs of shoes. The final result is 60 pieces of clothing. 67 % of 60 is 40, so the rule for the capsule would be:

67 % of the wardrobe is looking good in everyday life clothing, 8 % luxury and special occasions, 20 % comfy and chilling around clothing.

After the calculations the final stage number 3. is to find out what really looks good on you. Forget what is mainstream for a while and ask for the mirror:

  1. how does this look like and how do I feel wearing this? The truth is that those clothes that made you feel yourself confident are those that makes the others feel the same about you: spectacular!

After filling the wardrobe only with clothes that are 1. right colours 2. calculated how much they will be used in everyday life and finally 3. makes you feel good, you have the Conscious Capsule! Every piece of clothing has passed there through a lot of consideration and  there won’t be any clothes that won’t fill the requirements. 60 trendy and practical pieces that will challenge the impulsive shopping decisions. Emotional shopping is defeated!